Salt Works Spa Staff

Lauren Moseley

Lauren Moseley

R.T., Owner & Founder, Salt Works Spa

Lauren had been working in the medical field as an X-ray technologist since 1996. Her love of learning and exploring Alternate Holistic approaches for overall health, disease prevention and well-being brought her to launch Salt Works Spa. Lauren loves “purposeful care” – taking time to purposefully care for yourself – setting yourself up to succeed by placing yourself in the correct environment – taking that pause . . . that moment . . . to re-set and care for yourself, body and mind.

Lauren created Salt Works Spa to cater to everyone with the main goal to always provide affordable, pampering stress reduction. Stress is at an all-time high and the connection between body and mind grows more evident every day. Stop by for a visit and feel your stress melt away as you walk through our doors.

Steve Moseley

Steve Moseley

Owner & Founder, Salt Works Spa

With extensive cross-functional and multinational experience in the software services space, Steve brings a unique perspective to the wellness and spa economy business. With over 25 years of experience in finance, legal, operations, sales, and technology, Steve has the proven ability to conceptualize and profitably implement a vision.

Steve recognized Lauren’s passion for overall wellness and desire to bring a new approach to Harford County and immediately created the business plan for Salt Works Spa. He even learned how to build a Salt Room in his spare time! Steve is so proud of what Salt Works has become, and can’t wait to see the future as Salt Work grows with the community.

Massage Therapists

Kat Brady

LMT, Massage Therapist

Kat Brady has practicing as a LMT for over 25 years graduating from Baltimore School of Massage. Kat also has a degree in Health Science from Towson University, a certification as a personal trainer, nutritional consultant and yoga instructor. She also was on the faculty of CCBC’s massage therapy program for 12 years.

Kat employs all her knowledge into her practice each session with the goal of bringing balance to the mind, body and soul. Extended studies in sports massage, orthopedic massage, Sloan-Kettering Cancer massage, Reiki, Thai massage plus many others, give Kat the ability to help the client find the relief they are seeking. Kat’s ultimate goal for clients is for is to achieve higher levels of health, wellness, fitness, relief and contentment. Kat believes if everyone took the time to pause, listen to their mind and refill their well through meditation and bodywork then this world would be a much easier place to navigate. When she is not seeing clients or with her kids, Kat is busy training for endurance mountain biking and trail running events and triathlons. That is where she finds her balance in this hectic world.

Mackenzi Gawthrop

RMP, Massage Therapist, Reflexology

Mackenzi attended the Massage Institute of Maryland, Inc. and graduated as a Registered Massage Practitioner in 2009. She loves being the detective and finding the root cause of her client’s pain or ailment. Mackenzi also takes a very natural and holistic approach to massage and bodywork and holds a deep belief in being a lifelong learner.

Her continuing education classes have been focused on many forms of manual therapies such as cupping/gua sha, advanced forms of stretching, TMJ and headache relief, and deep tissue to name a few. Reflexology and hot stones have also become recent favorites of hers! Whether you need to mentally unplug and relax or need a specific pain addressed, she loves being able to give the best of both worlds in a massage and bodywork session.

Kristopher Joseph

RMP, Massage Therapist

Kristopher graduated from Holistic Massage Training Institute in 2018. He has a lifelong intention to help people find relaxation and balance. Kris believes the most effective bodywork starts with providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites the body and mind to let go and be calm. Kris tailors his therapy to suit individual needs and excels in having an intuitive touch. His other passions include meditation, tennis, music production and performance. Kris is a veteran and originally from California.

Amber King

LMT, Massage Therapist

Amber graduated from Fortis Institute Towson in December 2018 and has been dedicated to bringing a positive therapeutic touch to her clients ever since. Amber holds a bachelor’s in science from Towson University and has been continuing her education in related sciences. Whether you’re looking for pain management, relaxation, stress relief, improve overall wellness, injury rehabilitation, or utilizing massage as a form of self-care, Amber provides a safe space for you to achieve your goals.

Amber believes that pain is personal, and every session should be unique to your needs. Her modalities include Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, stretching, cupping, hot/cold stones, raindrops, and aromatherapy.

Kim Moxley

RMP, Massage Therapist, Bowen Certified, Esthetician

Kim graduated from the Holistic Massage Training Institute in 2017. She believes that each bodywork session is unique and individual. Kim recognizes what a privilege it is to be a part of someone’s healing journey no matter how small. She enjoys the use of multiple massage modalities in a single session.

She offers Swedish, myofascial, deep tissue, hot stone, cupping, trigger point therapy, prenatal massage, and the Bowen technique.

Kim hopes to provide a healing environment for the client, each experience honoring what the mind, body and spirit need in that moment. Simply put, to improve circulation, reduce anxiety, stress, and relieve pain.

Kim is also a Licensed Esthetician here at
the spa as well. She is currently on her own health and wellness journey and is eager to help others manage their chronic pain as well.
She is a proud Military Veteran, having served in the United States Navy and the Air National Guard. In her free time, you will find her in the Pilates studio or hiking with her son and Boston terrier.

Jessica Novack

RMP, Massage Therapist, Holy Fire Reiki II

Jessica set out on her journey in holistic health and wellness years ago and has been working as a massage practitioner since 2017. In her field of practice, she likes to remind clients that, yes, we are here for muscular manipulations but also to bring alignment back to the mind, the body, and the spirit.

She offers a variety of modalities such as; Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, shiatsu inspired stretches, along with energy work such as Reiki and acupressure. She also enjoys integrating different cupping techniques when needed.

Jennifer Rhode

LMT, Massage Therapist

Jennifer has been working in the field of massage therapy since 2001 and brings to her practice profound respect and appreciation for the human body and the therapeutic benefits of bodywork. She focuses on providing real results for clients in need of a massage for injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, sports-related injury prevention, stress relief and simple relaxation.

Jennifer believes passionately that all bodies are good bodies, and that everyone is deserving of caring, therapeutic touch. Her goal as a massage therapist is to facilitate relaxation and muscular release in the body to allow for optimal health, rejuvenation, and pain-free movement. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and regularly pursues continuing education to enhance her abilities as a licensed massage therapist.

Emily Smith

LMT, Massage Therapist

Emily’s path to understanding the body started with a track and field accident in 2006 when she was struck in the back by a javelin thrown from 40 meters away. Although her path to recovery was long, the journey exposed her to many techniques in the fight against pain and muscle tension. Sparked by a newfound passion for healing the body, Emily made the choice to take on extensive training in massage therapy at the renowned Cortiva Institute.

Today she uses this accumulation of experience, education, and skills to assist her clients in finding relief. Emily takes a very literal approach to massage therapy and finds excitement in tracing issues back to their true source. In doing this, she has discovered her own unique way of unraveling complex, myofascial complications. Understanding the holistic mindset as well, she believes a healthy connection between mind and body can be achieved by grasping the phrase “the issues are in the tissues.” It is her belief that open communication and teamwork between the client and therapist will always lead to productive, therapeutic, and relaxing sessions.

Carson Wiley

RMP, Massage Therapist, Level 2 Reiki

Carson graduated top of her class from Fortis Institute for Massage Therapy in 2019. She specializes in therapeutic massage with the intent to balance the body and ease the mind. By adjusting to the client’s individual needs, she has hands of intuition that will give you nurturing comfort while providing therapeutic techniques to give you the proper care your body needs.

She has a knowledge of and passion for many different specialties, including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, hot stones, cupping and stretching techniques.

Carson focuses on making her clients comfortable, relaxed and happy. She believes relieving physical stress leads to the mind and soul being relieved as well. Massage played a huge role on her own healing journey, and she loves to share these holistic benefits with her clients.


Antoinette Breakiron

LE, Esthetician

Antoinette attended Von Lee International School of Aesthetics and started her career as a Licensed Esthetician in 2017. She loves customizing treatments to the specific concerns of each client’s skin. She listens to her clients’ needs and feedback, ensuring that they have an excellent experience every time they visit. In addition to her expertise in aesthetics, Antoinette also understands the importance of taking care of her own well-being to create a better environment for her clients.

She frequently practices yoga to keep her body strong and her mind at peace. By prioritizing her own self-care, Antoinette can bring a positive and calming energy to her clients, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Lisa Munoz

LE, Esthetician, Certified Advanced Oncology Esthetics

Lisa attended Von Lee International School of Aesthetics and became a licensed makeup artist in 1997. She decided to further her career and returned to Von Lee in 2006 to become a Licensed Esthetician. After surviving cancer in 2007, she adopted a more holistic approach to both her health and esthetics career. She became a vegetarian and chose to use organic and clean products and modalities in her skincare treatments. She became a Master Reiki Practitioner in 2012 and likes to incorporate those principles during her skincare treatments.

Lisa believes in treating the skin from the inside out through proper nutrition and supplements. She also earned an Associate of Arts degree in Interior design in 1995 and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Assisting in 2014 from Harford Community College. She is a lifelong resident of Bel Air where she lives with her husband and their daughter.

Mary Powitz

LE, Esthetician

Mary graduated from the International Beauty School in Baltimore, MD and became a licensed Cosmetologist in 1992. Since then, Mary has had a diverse background in the salon and spa industry working as a Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, and Event Stylist. However, her true passion is Esthetics and apprenticed under a Master Esthetician in 2002.

Mary believes in forming lasting relationships with her clients to develop and maintain a personalized approach to healthy skin care practices. She also uses relaxation techniques to promote a mind/body approach to total wellness. Mary has been a resident of Bel Air for thirty years. She is excited to be a part of the Salt Work Spa’s dedicated team.

Marissa Restivo

LE, Esthetician, Waxing

Marissa is an Esthetician who obtained her license from the Von Lee International School of Aesthetics and began her career as an Esthetician in July 2005. Since then, she has attended many skincare courses and additional esthetics educational training. She is passionate about learning and eager to educate her clients on how to achieve and maintain beautiful skin.

She believes strongly in a healthy diet and having a customized personal skincare regimen in place to let your inner beauty shine with healthy radiant glowing skin. We are happy to have Marissa here on Wednesday evenings for facials and waxing. She is a busy full-time homeschooling mom of 2 kids. She will be picking up additional hours as she is able.

Jamie Thompson

LE, CLT, Esthetician, Certified Advanced Oncology Esthetics

While working as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and Occupational Therapy Practitioner, Jamie became aware of how quickly skin reflects what is happening to the body due to stress, environmental factors and chronic conditions. This awareness ultimately led to her becoming a licensed Esthetician with a holistic approach to skincare

She incorporates non-invasive modalities like Reflexology and Manual Lymph Drainage into her practice. Jamie will work with you to optimize the condition and appearance of your skin through cleansing facials, anti-aging treatments and whole-body relaxation and stress reduction.

Administrative Staff

Jennifer Akehurst

Administrative Support Staff

Jennifer is a gluten-free vegan with a long history working in the health food industry. She has chosen to grow and learn physically as a martial artist to stay healthy and strong, and to learn new things daily. She loves to use essential oils and natural products throughout her life, her home, and even on her beautiful Great Dane, Patience.

Jennifer has been an educator for many years. She taught in the classroom as a special educator, works as a private tutor, and has homeschooled her two amazing sons for over a decade.

Jennifer was thoroughly blessed by her first visit with Salt Works when she experienced personal healing through the Salt room and Zen bed. She knew then – on the Zen – that she just had to be a part of the Salt Works Team!

Nicole Bauer

Administrative Support Staff

Nicki lives in Harford County with her husband, four children, two dogs, three cats, two bunnies, and chickens. Nicki also works as a preschool teacher and children’s yoga instructor. She has a degree in Early Childhood and Special Education.

Nicki has been working at Salt Works since 2021. Nicki feels so blessed to work in such a peaceful and warm environment surrounded by the most wonderful people. Salt Works Spa truly is her “happy place”.

Nina Glorioso

Administrative Support Staff

Nina has over 18 years in sales, management and customer service. She has earned an associate degree in business management. Soon after, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom to her 3 kids, including a very special one. She became an advocate for kids with special needs. Nina learned and focused on the power of mediation and has been inspired to continue understanding alternative wellness.

Her family moved to the area a few years ago and discovered Salt Works Spa as a client. She immediately fell in love with the energy and atmosphere. After joining Salt Works, she has been inspired and driven by the importance and the need for self-care and wants to encourage everyone to experience self-care regularly. She is dedicated to ensuring everyone at Salt Works feels comfortable and has an incredible spa experience.

Shannon Magness

Administrative Support Staff

Shannon Magness is a full-time elementary school teacher in Harford County. She lives in the county with her husband, 2 children, dogs, cat and parakeets. She has a love of flowers, the beach, wellness and skincare. Working at the spa part-time has been a blessing to her. She loves the calm atmosphere, the staff and clients.

Alexandra Rowlins

Administrative Support Staff

Alex has spent most of her career working as a nursing assistant at Union Memorial in the Emergency Department and Patient First. She lives in Baltimore with her husband, daughter and their 2 dogs. Alex has a huge passion for dance and was a dancer from the time she was 3 years old. She began teaching dance in 2009. She loves the summer months and would love to spend every day at the beach if possible. Alex made the switch to Salt Works after many years in healthcare because she was looking for a more calm, positive, healing environment. She enjoys the relaxing vibe the spa provides to its clients and staff.


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