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World Halotherapy Assocation

We are proud to announce that we are certified by the World Halotherapy Association. Why is this important? It is an organization that certifies your facility onsite to ensure the highest quality and safety measures are in place for proper Salt Therapy.

Relax Salt Therapy

A 45-minute Relax Salt session at Salt Works Spa consists of a holistic, drug-free natural treatment to promote better breathing, healthier skin, reduce stress, improve physical fitness/endurance and improve overall wellness.

An enjoyable mental time out, where your only job is to simply relax and breathe! The Halogenerator does all the work! This machine grounds pharmaceutical-grade salt into a micronized dry aerosol and disperses it into our beautiful Himalayan salt room.

Being surrounded by 250+ million-year-old salt from the floor to the walls is something that must be experienced! It is breathtakingly beautiful! Relaxing on heated zero-recliner chairs is like a day at the beach, without the long drive!!

Relax Salt Session

$35 – 45 Minutes

Relaxing on heated zero-recliner chairs is like a day at the beach, without the long drive!

Relax Salt Therapy at Salt Works Spa in Harford County
Salt is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral and naturally absorbing. It acts as a “toothbrush” and “sponge” all along your respiratory tract and sinuses loosening toxins and excess mucus. The non-inhaled particles also benefit exposed skin. Dry salt gently exfoliates and helps normalize the skin’s PH balance. Salt naturally dissolves any acne-causing bacteria and absorbs any excess oils. What are the conditions and ailments that can be treated by Salt Therapy?
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Cold/Flu Prevention
  • Eczema
  • Hay Fever
  • Psoriasis
  • Sinusitis/Sinus Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Acne
  • Anti-aging
  • Dermatitis

Please be advised that the weight limit for our salt therapy chairs is 300 lbs.

Are there times when Salt Therapy should be avoided?

  • Salt Therapy should be avoided during the acute phase of any illness, including but not limited to the following: cancer, infections accompanied by fever, acute active tuberculosis, coughing up blood, cardiac insufficiency, contagious ailments, use of O2 tank to aid breathing, drug and alcohol intoxification. If pregnant, it is advised to check with your doctor prior to Salt Therapy.
  • Your spa treatments are reserved especially for you. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Click here to learn more about our cancellation policies and fees.

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