Infrared Sauna

This sauna is the real deal!! With six wellness programs to choose from you can’t go wrong! There is room for two people, so bring a friend!

  • Detoxification runs 37 minutes
  • Relaxation runs 40 minutes
  • Weight loss runs 30 minutes
  • Cardiovascular runs 45 minutes
  • Pain relief runs 30 minutes
  • Anti-aging runs 30 minutes

Infrared Sauna Session

$35 for one person
$50 for a shared session with a friend

Room for two people, so bring a friend!

Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air, this Full Spectrum Sauna is a pleasant, dry, slow heating of your core. Don’t get me wrong, you will sweat, but it is a much more comfortable detoxing sweat than a traditional sauna.

We have the room stocked with essential oil-infused cool washcloths, towels, deodorant wipes, and body wraps to change into and wear during your session.

Benefits of the infrared spectrum on the body include:

Benefits of Infrared Sauna at Salt Works Spa in Bel Air, Harford County
Infrared Sauna at Salt Works Spa in Bel Air, Harford County

Here are a few guidelines for safe and effective sauna use:

  • Pre-sauna session, hydrate with at least 16 ounces of water to prepare your body for an increase in core body temperature. It is best to maintain peak hydration throughout the day by drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water.
  • Don’t be surprised if you don’t sweat during the first few sessions. Sweating will increase with regular use.
  • Wipe down with our essential oil-infused cool cloths after your session to remove the toxins that you have released from your skin.
  • Post-sauna session, drink at least 24 ounces of water or electrolytes to rehydrate.
  • You can follow up later with a refreshing shower at home.

Is there anyone who should avoid a sauna session?

Avoid using any Infrared Sauna if you have a pacemaker or are currently pregnant.

If anything listed below applies to you, please consult your physician before using an infrared sauna.

Taking prescription medications including diuretics, barbiturates, or beta-blockers. Check with your pharmacist to see how any medications may be affected by elevated body temperatures. Cardiovascular conditions, or defibrillator. Chronic conditions including Parkinson’s, MS, Central Nervous system tumors, and Diabetes. Recent joint surgery. Infections, Implants of any kind, heat sensitivity or hemophilia.

Your spa treatments are reserved especially for you. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Click here to learn more about our cancellation policies and fees.

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