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My first experience with salt therapy, a.k.a Halotherapy, was in an effort to alleviate cold symptoms that I was experiencing before leaving for a vacation. I had never heard of Salt Therapy before, but after researching it I was more than willing to give it a try. Salt is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral and naturally hygroscopic (ability to absorb moisture). A Halogenerator (the machine used to create Salt Therapy) grinds pharmaceutical-grade salt into an aerosol form and disperses it into the air in a beautifully relaxing room. My job was to simply breathe!

It just made sense! This aerosol salt acts as a “sponge” and “toothbrush” along your entire respiratory tract and sinuses. It loosens and absorbs excess mucus and toxins. The bonus is complete relaxation! Not only did that first salt session alleviate my cold symptoms, but it also started me down the path to embracing my passion.

Around the same time, Steve and I were discussing the next steps in our careers. I was able to work part-time as an X-Ray technologist while we were raising our children. It was a great job at the time, but I needed more passion and fulfillment. I remember the day when Steve asked me, “What is it that you really love to do?” I of course said, “I love eating and getting massages, but that’s not a job.” We both laughed, but the seed was planted.

I love what I call “purposeful care”: ~ Taking time to purposefully care for yourself. ~ Setting yourself up to succeed by placing yourself in the correct environment. ~ Taking that pause . . . that moment . . . to re-set and care for yourself, body and mind.

I have always joked that if I was super, stupid rich I would get a massage every day!! And I would!! So, imagine my surprise when my mother-in-law told me she’s never had a massage and doesn’t want anyone touching on her!! My passion and pursuit grew! There had to be some stress-reducing pampering treatments that could cater to the “no touching” people as well.

And with all of these ideas in mind – and a 55-page business plan, Salt Works Spa was born! Steve and I created Salt Works Spa to cater to everyone with the main goal to always provide pampering stress reduction! Stress is at an all-time high and the connection between body and mind grows more evident every day.

Lauren and Steve Moseley - Owners of Salt Works Spa
Salt Works Spa - Lauren Moseley - Bel Air, Harford County

Hi, my name is Lauren Moseley. I have been working in the medical field as an X-ray technologist since 1996. I launched into this field because I love learning about health. My true passion, however, is exploring Alternate Holistic approaches for overall health, disease prevention and well-being.

Lauren’s Credentials

  • Lauren Moseley R.T. (R) Registered Radiologic Technologist licensed by Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • CPR Certified
  • Certified Halotherapist by Global Halotherapy Solutions
  • Completed IAP College Program for Spa Owners


World Halotherapy Association

A physician-backed, independent association to ensure a global standard of excellence in the Halotherapy industry. Focused on insuring the utmost safety and highest standards are in place for application of treatment. Provides onsite certification to assure quality.

Spa Industry Association

Harford County Chamber of Commerce

Bel Air Downtown Alliance


Salt Works Spa

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We are conveniently located in Bel Air in Harford County with easy access from Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Cecil County and Southern PA.